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Christopher Page - Practice Manager

Christopher Page

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Christopher joined the practice in April 2013 having recently arrived in Gisborne with his family from Christchurch. Christopher brought with him a wealth of administrative, financial and management experience particularly from having served as a Sergeant in both the British and New Zealand Army. Christopher saw active service in Bosnia & Herzegovina (Former Republic of Yugoslavia) with NATO and during the Iraq Conflict in 2003.

Post September 2010 Earthquake, Christopher was selected as part of a two-man team of Army assistance to the Earthquake Commission (EQC) to establish a registry to accommodate (what was initially computer modeled to be) 77,000 claims. Having played a major role in establishing the registry and implementing procedures and policies, Christopher was asked by the EQC to remain to oversee and manage the registry function. With the continuing aftershock sequences, the actual number of claims rapidly escalated to (as of February 2011 Earthquake) 179,000 claims, and having already planned and initiated five stages of expansion to accommodate them, the EQC made the decision to outsource the registry due to financial and real estate constraints.