As one of the East Coast's oldest legal firms, Burnard Bull & Co are pleased to welcome you to our website.

Browse through it and we believe you will begin to understand why we enjoy such an excellent reputation for legal matters in Gisborne's commercial and cultural environment.


Who We Are

The origins of Burnard Bull & Co date back over a century in Gisborne. The present firm is an amalgamation of two old Gisborne firms, Burnard & Bull and Blair Parker & Co.

Ours is a substantial provincial practice with a wide client base and expertise in a full range of legal services to both corporate and private clients.
We place great importance on the quality of service we provide to our existing clients.

We have made a strong commitment to Gisborne and our development has gone hand in hand with that of the city. We believe that the expertise which has been built up through that association stands us in good stead to meet the challenges ahead.

As Gisborne continues to develop, Burnard Bull & Co intends to keep pace and maintain its position as the leading legal practice with outstanding concern for, and service to, its clients.